Thursday, August 2, 2012

Is PMLN attempting too hard to make into Social Media??

Probably we all happen to find, at times,  strange patterns on twitter, the simplest being "This is trending in Paksitan or this is trending worldwide." Some patterns are annoying, like when your timeline is filled with Faisal Qureshi's replies to teens and trolls. You find journalists literally screaming about trolls At times there's a group of ordinary tweeps or even journalists like Dr. Shaid Masood, Ahmed Noorani and Razarumi engaged in conversations.  In one of my earlier I mentioned about MQM kinda exploiting the the #socmm12 social media mela to flood tweets about what MQM does and what it does not.

 But today, as I was following  comments and responses about the Shaukat Khanum, I noticed a sudden barrage of re-tweets rather same message tweeted from a dozen or more accounts. Re-tweets, continuous, within a blink of an eye and with no mention whatsoever of the original source. No sings of a re-tweet. And surprisingly no other tweet from ordinary tweeps in between. I was totally baffled what is going on. You better look the snapshot below.  For sake of space I have presented the tweets in two columns.

Wao, a great number of people talking in favor of PMLN. I had believed eiter MQM or PTI dominated the presence on twitter. But what's going on here. PMLN. I have much more interests than mere politics but this was quite  intriguing.

At the outset, there is something wrong with the profile picutes. Ok,. why not look at few of the profiles in the list. There are some similarities: 

  1. A good number of accounts have no description at all.  For others, its so obscure and non-consistent  with the general appeal and types of tweets from the profile. 
  2.  All of them have on average 80-100 tweets and 90% of the tweets are the same... and somehow synchronized precisely to a second... not Minutes... if you happen to notice!!!
  3. All the accounts unfortunately are combined to re-tweet tweets by PMLN against other parties and tweets about Let's Join PMLN and let's meet PMLN leaders and respected CM Shehbaz.

In the picture below, three accounts are show with same set of tweets at the same time... what an amazing synchronization. 

Here's more, certain accounts go shopping together and tweet same tweets about Ramadan, like reading Quran and welcoming Ramazan. What a spirit of unity. 

 I won't rush make any claims and assumptions about whose running all these accounts.  But apparently there's a strong connection to PMLN and its attempts to gain some hold in social media sector. May be someone is testing a Beta version of software on PMLN tweets to malign them. 

P.S.:  Before delcaring me a PTIAN, PPPIAN, or JI-AN, have the courage to pass by one of my blog about Khadim e Ala at least. Though his highness' silence on recent blames by N-league is intriguing.


  1. good one. btw softwares are already there so the synchronization obviously implies the use of it.

  2. Nice efforts, we all know what pmln doing on twitter,

  3. Nice efforts, we all know what pmln doing on twitter,

  4. Good job! First, its well known that the PMLN will go to any level for their vindictive agenda, second being naturally low-bred and bad-read, they even cant do the forgery with a finesse.

  5. social marketing is all about 'real' people influencing others' opinions. fake accounts cant create an opinion. looks like pml(n) profound dumbness is manifesting on twitter

  6. Well Muhamamd Yasin I'm agreee with you that now a days political war has started due to election season and different parties could be involve fake social media advertising. You'll agree with me its PTI Imran Khan who introduced new and amazing techniques using social media. We all are witness PTI media wing has been criticized in past when some of their members threat famous pakistani journalist on twitter and other social media. I'm not saying that its not PMLN accounts I'm saying could it be happen that PTI media wing again using false trick to demoralize PMLN in punjab or else where in pakistan using these fake accounts.
    Did you think that point before or you also belong PTI media wing? lolz

  7. That is possible. But I have talked to the the sources of these accounts. They are real and also twitter has suspended many of these accounts.... only those who are real and tend to send unique tweets are saved from wrath of twitter.

    Also, the silence of PMLN social media teams is enough to justify that ... or they will leave no chance to find who is doing it ... or even blame PTI or PPP or MQM for doing this without any delay and reasoning .

  8. Well, Yasin & Anonymous you both have valid points. Specially "Anonymous" you are valid 90%. But I would suggest Don't get in it personal. I can see "Yasin" posted on his blog with his Analysis, and I can see lot of effort he did made to prove his point but somehow we all can see his favors are with PTI not with PMLN lolz.
    F**K them both parties, We all can understand if PMLN has been supporting Zardari GOVT then what did PTI better for us, they are here in Punjab only to weak PMLN vote bank. Any sensible person can understand this point. Do you both not?
    Its a harsh fact with us that Imran Khan which seem before as a savior, unfortunately proved himself as a liar. Mostly he took Uturn.
    Why he still didn't bring Khwaja Asif in court? why? Till now 20 days has passed. Why he didn't bring these bastards (Shareef family) into court on fraud taxation why?
    Why his brother-in-law and sister are in Shaukat Khanum board of directors on huge salaries?


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