Monday, August 6, 2012

PMLN Fake Twitter Accounts - Part II

VentureBeat posted an article with some stats on fake followers on twitter, few hours back. 
The article mentions about growing trend in such paid services and how it goes against the  terms of service of twitter. 

After reading the article, I had another look at the PMLN fake twitter accounts, I mentioned in the last blog. 

It was fun to figure out the survival strategy of the paid services. Maintain a certain amount of unique content with  each profile to save it from the rash of twitter against spammers. 

Identical tweets continue

If one takes a cursory look at the following twitter accounts: 

  1. MudassarSultan1
  2. IffatRehanKazmi
  3. MadihaAliChohan
It is clearly visible that the first four identical tweets are the about PMLN, IK, CJ and PPP. Fifth tweet, at the time, I am looking the accounts, is a quototation. The quotation is different across different accounts. A nice way to keep the overall profile content unique. 
Just as sometimes, as students,  we would copy the whole assignment but modify / delete / add few sentences to try to establish that somehow our work is different from the rest of class/group. 

The quotation is second last tweet in the picture below. 

One of the quotes from an accounts reads, "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.
Indeed we don't trust a few. However, dear paid services, you seem to do with 'do wrong to none' part what non-practicing followers of a religion do.  

Source accounts for tweets and pictures

The first profile in the eariler list, MudassarSultan1, describes himself/herself/itself as "a creative designer, intellectual, social worker who loves to read , write, paint... and gets high on music :) or love whatever comes first :))"

Well, to acknowledge the creativity of this account, it's enough to state that this account is the first source of this tweet and the picture which was re-sent, I dare not say re-tweet here, by all other accounts which seem to be part of the fake PMLN twitter 'gang'.

Another account, which is evidently, part of this gang,  synchronously re-tweeting quotes, is  RidaShahJafferyHowever, we find some sanity here and little engagement in twitter conversations hints at the profile to be real. The accounts's total tweets, 120+,  are on higher end of the account average of the 'gang'. The comic by Tamoor about SKMH funds r'e-tweeted' PMLN 'gang' originated from this account. 

All in all, the respected Khadim e Ala who matched Lahore to Paris continues to be  promoted through use of paid software services that regularly generate fake accounts and data. 

Is this the way PMLN is committed to it's 3 E's: Energy, Education and Economy ?? 

P.S: Moeez Pirzada had a good discussion in his program Sochta Paksitan on National Health Policy in Pakistan and why all political parties are silent about this issue of real importance.  The sane reader might wanna have a look at it. 

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