Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Different angles of a Car running on Water ... !!!

The car fiasco continues. Today, we have more to hear from Dr. Atta again followed by some encouraging comments from Dr. Qadeer Khan who took it more empirically and asked to put all claims to test ignoring for a while whether it seems scientifically plausible or not. His tone was rather encouraging in a general sense. He pointed towards inventions that were once thought impossible.  We also have comments from a solemn and serious PCSIR official who tells us how they are supporting Engr. Agha in his efforts. 

I do not want to comment on the  technical aspects of kit. Lets wait for the kit to be put to real test. I would like to highlight some other dimensions attached to the issue and the way it is being portrayed in the national media. 

If someone from PCSIR appears to talk about a project, they have been working, we would expect them to tell us briefly about the current status of the project. What did they expect initially as the output, where they stand now and any results that have that can be shared with the public. None of this appears in the interview. Why in the first place PCSIR chose to support the project? Does it have a history of financially supporting such independent claimants? If so, do they have a a criteria?? Or did they just supported it out of blue as they had some directions from someone in higher ranks of government ?? 

In most cases, a project of this magnitude can be divided into a number of phases and/or components. We have reports and results for each of the components at each phase. This way we have a clear understanding of what we are upto and what we need to work more upon and more importantly what we must abandon at a particular stage. 

If an idea has potential worth and is worth putting more effort into, what are we waiting for since 1st July. Why don't we bring some funding agency like ICT R&D into action and issue funds for further discovery. Why we still don't have any views from a scientist/engineer who is working specifically in the related field. Asking just for opinions of likes of Dr. Atta and Dr. Qadeer does not decide the fate of a technical problem in the first place. We need to see the real results no matter who says what. 

For the media and anchors who seem determined to make a case of supporting a landmark invention, why can't they resist the temptation to predict the probable causes of death before the actual post-mortem. If they are so keen on offer their services to the scientific community, why it never occurred to them to highlight with the same zeal some real research efforts going in some of our universities. 

As regards Agha Waqar himself, he is so religious about the issue. He has 'guts' to challenge all the achievements of one of top notch scientists of the country with his trick question 'Do you even where we get Hydrogen from?'. Then he has to explain to worthy Dr. what is H2O.  Again, why he don't dig a little into biography of Dr. Atta before challenging him on what he has done for the nation. To quote  Veena Malik, "Ye Kiaa Baat Hui", Dr. Sahib. Aaap humain yunhi reject kia ja rahy hain. 

Let's talk of general public like me. We have something to rant about now. For us this is a political conspiracy. It is the whole Pakistan against a Sindhi inventor. For us, here is the  Dr. Atta who is jealous of achievement of Mr. Agha. Now we have another reason to call all others 'Duffers'. For us this is the downfall of Rental power plants. For us this is a topi drama of media and allows to fabricate more dramas around it. But as Dr. Atta and Dr. Qadeer both mentioned, the 'proof is in the pudding'. 
It feels exactly like a mini-Kalabagh being generated out of this issue. We better stick to the proof of pudding than make it a political deal. 


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