Saturday, November 19, 2011

Few Random Thoughts regarding Pakistani Media ... !!!

1. Qauid e Azam University ranked 69th in world in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering

2. Mustafa Kamal declared among top three mayors of world. 

Both of these news are absolutely fallacious but were widespread across Pakistan. 

Both the news have been taken good advantage of, to a large extent. VC got much appreciation on media and may be something officially too. Mustafa Kamal got a house from MQM... He may have performed well... but he was not even voted for in final voting as according to rules, he was not in office. His predecessor Mr. Naimatuallah and also Iran's Ahmedi Nijad ... as mayor of Tehran were mentioned in top50-60 but never voted for for they left the offices. 

And to the best of my info, there was no correction whatsoever to accept the mistakes on part of media or the concerned personnel. Who cares ... !!!

Same keeps happening day in and day out. 

Our politicians are fighting verbally in one or the other talk show and no one talks the whole picture. 

But that adds to ranking.... and so the phenomenon keeps on multiplying. 

One major factor contributing to this is that the media is looking only into political topics and not exploring more options.  That also indicates our jounalists have little if any understanding of how these processes of ranking etc. run. 

So, we have more and more such programs added on. 

What's missing totally missing in these burgeoning political and/or drama channels is any educational programs either scientific, social or daily life themes. 

If we start programs on career counseling, job hunting, starting your own business, what choices for future studies people have, that will definitely grab some attention and probably more than the stupid re-incarnation programs where they re-create murder scenarios on news channels. 

Why we can't find any interviews of our scientists and experts. I probably found only one or two short-length interview of our respected entrepreneur Dr. Omar Saif who was recognized as one of top entrepreneurs of world. 

I see so less of a coverage on TV of TEDTalks happening in Pakistan. 

Why our media failed to highlight awards Pakistani IT professionals like Dr. Shoab from Care were bestowed upon in Thailand few days back. 

Why there are no programs on villagers of Pakistan who form 70% of population. 

I remember some nice efforts in this regards like Sona Chandi on PTV dramatizing agricultural  issues, THe first blast on Dawn news focused on small issues and often invited doctors or other field experts. 

247Online TV efforts by Faisal Qureshi and Team is a recent attempt of different sort. 

Small informational packages by Royal TV on stats of Pakistan was also highly appreciated my some friends around. 

I think, as viewers we can write to the anchors and producers to consider these options too. Probably, non of us ever wrote to any media personnel to consider these options too.  That's one of the things we can do now that so many of them are on Facebook and twitter also. 

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