Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nokia Introduces Bicycle Charger for Cell Phones

Nokia Introduces Bicycle Charger for Cell Phones: "

Nokia has launched new cell phones for developing countries. Check out the Bicycle Charger Kit which costs about Rs. 1500. The Bicycle Charger Kit consists of a little bottle dynamo that is attached to the wheel of the bicycle to power up the phone by movement of the pedals. Now go get that old bicycle out and get it ready before this charger becomes available in Pakistan!

Here’s what Fast Company had to say about this launch.

It’s a wonder that no other phone manufacturer has thought of this before.

Maybe that’s because Nokia is the dumbphone ruler of the world. While other companies push ahead in the smartphone market, Nokia is concentrating on keeping less wealthy nations connected. And in parts of the world where access to electricity is limited, or unavailable, this Nokia kit is golden.

Can you see the charging stations in villages miles out in the African bush, staffed by a bunch of kids on stationary bikes, cycling away to charge people’s cellphones?

The Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit starts to work when you’re pedaling at just under 4mph and clicks off at 31mph. Hit 7.5mph and your bike will be charging your cell as quickly as a traditional charger would. Ten minutes at 6mph will give you 28 minutes talk time or 37 hours of standby time– if, that is, your phone is one of Nokia’s new models, which have a standby time of up to six weeks.


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