Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mobile Innovation Contest Pakistan

Mobile Innovation Contest Pakistan: "

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology has launched a new initiative to support mobile innovation in Pakistan. Called Best Mobile Innovation in Pakistan (BMIP) Contest 2010 is open for any “Made in Pakistan” innovation related to the mobile industry and technologies. As the official press release says:

It can be new technology, concept, product or business model; related to networks, devices, connectivity, software, hardware, content, applications, usage, mobile marketing, mobile payments, education or social issues.

mobile innovation pakistan websiteEach winner will receive cash prize of $10,000. Furthermore, the awarded innovations are taken further into an establishment process creating new company around the innovations, creating new telecommunication or information technology companies in Pakistan.

This year we have seen a number of other activities which encourage mobile application development and mobile innovation. See Jehan Ara’s post here, my report from Mobile 2.0 expert conference and Nokia’s award announcement.

Details and judges are announced here on the FAQ page of BMIP website.

Kudos to COMSATS for starting the initiative and for encouraging our students and youth to think creatively.

Wille Eerola, CEO of RIDDES CORPORATION, the Founder of BMIP Award said:

We have plenty of Pakistani and international professional people joining us to this process supporting young Pakistanis to show the world what they can do. We all know that this country has so many innovative people so we would just invite everyone in Pakistan to join BMIP; this is done for the Future of Pakistan, to see the New Rise of Entrepreneurship in Pakistan.


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