Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A quick response to "Overseas Pakistani Syndrome"

Dear aggrieved Fahim, 

A lot has alread been said in response to your elitist blog on Pakistani diaspora. I will add few more 'nikkay mottay'  points, very quciky,  to that:

  1. Believe me even in wildest of dreams, it's  impossible to vacate entire of even a "Daswaan Hissa" of Pakistan and move them all to Wilayat or for that matter moon. In case you already are not abroad, please try doing so, just for the heck of it and see things with your open eyes. Better not stereotype.
  2. Those of us who go for "aala taleem" may be fortunate, but what's important is that these people made conscious choices and efforts to pursue an apparently noble path: to connect to global and better resources of knowledge. You may also want to consider that "aala taleem" is not necessarily linked to "aala salary".
  3. Mopping floors aint any shame as you seem to portray it. If in Pakistan, we consider such a job lowly, that's our own thinking.  Then, it becomes our  duty to correct this attitude and learn to respect those who are attached to this essential service. And after all, someone has to mop the floor. Please bear in mind that at home, we tend to associate such duties to our mothers and sisters.  
  4. Not paying taxes is not a matter of birthright. It's a matter of the legal system and practices allowing you ways to escape. I guess not its more of a fashion and a "brag-about phenomenon".
  5. Mind it, not all Pakistanis living abroad have girlfriends. Think for a while of those in Saudi, for instance.  
  6. Regarding "bunches of people", there is always a bunch of people who will have traits one can imagine. There is a bunch who will pray five times a day and lie straight on to your face and there is bunch as confused as or me who waste people's precious time by writing vague long posts. 
  7. Then, there is a  flat contradiction in your article. How you attach reclining leather chairs to   floor-mapping ex-pats; does not make much sense. 

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