Thursday, April 4, 2013

Article 62, 63 and this Elections: My simplistic view

Let's take it point by point:

1. Are the articles 62 and 63, crystal clear in their form and meaning?

Definitely not.
There are a lot of unclear hints which if taken in literal sense of word and in the extreme capacity (exploited), leave almost no human, eligible for the elections. Many examples can be quoted in this regard. 

2. Can we expect something as a result of this "Cleaning" procedure?

Very little, may be. 
Some people will get their degrees verified.
Other might have started offering regular prayers to be prepared for the interviews. 
May be someone had already started selling guess-books for politicians.
Journos off course will get some more TRPs. 
Ayaz Amir will most probably make it through the appeal process. 
Will any big guns fall into it? A handful, off course. 
Ultimately, "innocent until proven guilty" 

We already had enough FUN out it. Don't we??

3. Will the current practice do some good in the long run?

Yes, there might be a great deal of confusions and issues in implementing 62, 63. 
But, by April 19, "BIG" things can be sorted. 
We will have a model of such cleansing to make amends on, at the very least.
That will prompt next parliament to re-consider it. It will get modified, probably for newer experiments of new amendments.

And we have clearer explanations of the explanations of Nazria e Pakistan, those who claim to stand by it, and those who say  ideology, my foot.

Your feedback is welcome.

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