Monday, November 14, 2011

One good point about PTI

More and More will be said about Imran Khan in the coming days. 

People will criticize and question his strategies and the team he builds. 

And that's crucial indeed. 

But for me, what matters, so far,  is the process, IK and PTI has been through over 16 years. 

It's a party comprising of educated and well-informed people, many of them being experts their respective fields. 

And the only thing that matters today, is that, some Pakistanis like me have again come to think of politics bigger than a business of bloody politicians. 

We should not attribute any guarantees to this new team. 

But one thing we should do is to learn about the people ... off course not the new entries ... but the founding members and those who have been in this struggle for years. 

There's more than just IK in there. 

and I will recommend people to read this famous article by IK. 

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