Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sar Mein Jootay

The story was narrated by a close friend about a politician from the raja family of Khan Pur (near Taxila), Pakhtunkhwa. A political leader from their side was bragging about the number of primary schools in Pakhtunkhwa. Someone asked him, why he does not support the case for institutions of higher education in his area. The response was classical and accurately portrays the mindset of our politicians.  

In his words, 
"Jeray Primary pass ho janday nay, oh ta sanun salam nae kar k janday, jeray 10 par laysan... O te lazmi saday ser ech jootian marsan"

"Those who pass primary, they don't even say salam to us. If they pass 10th grade also, they will, for sure,  throw shoes at us."

And indeed that is what happened with these people. HEC, did not surrendered to the illegal demands of our corrupt politicians and exposed their fake degrees. 

The reciprocal response seems pretty natural. Similar has been happening to whosoever in our country  attempts to expose such cases of corruption and foul play. 

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