Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thoughts About Flopped FYPs

All I am jotting out here is not at all supposed to be taken seriously. Its just a random listing of my observations and experiences with Final Year Project while I spent about two years of life in project lab sharing the joys and woes of students, faculty and staff.

The most prevalent and relevant issue, I have observed, is project selection. I do not mean finalizing the topic but finalizing the objectives and coming up with a verbal description of claims you have in heart. People, fail to come up with a list of specifics and claims about the device, hardware or software, whatever are planning to create, design or just borrow and display and label it as their Final Year Project . “Sari Hasrtain Dil mein hi reh jati hain.”

Often when project selection and specifics are unclear, there can’t be a way to allocate times for constituent tasks and components of the bigger task – The FYP. Synchronizing your individual timelines and coming up with a balanced schedule incorporating studies, the project, and your curricular, extra-curruculiar and “Gharicular”- home related activitvities is a big challenge.

If not accustomed to working in teams, it’s difficult to fairly and purposefully delegate tasks to individual team members according to our likes/dislikes, abilities and the demand of the hour. There are a lot of things around that hurt our “Anna”. I will like to put it as ‘Ego Issues’.

When the tasks are loosely delegated and there’s infinite time of a whole year, timelines also are too flexible, it’s not hard to fall a prey to procrastination – laziness and putting things off on a ideal, dreamy tomorrow. 

More to follow Inshallah.

I will wait for your comments and feedback.  


  1. i agree with you on manay points but as a whole this is only a onesided story .

  2. hmmm .... consider it is written by a student ... who passed through all this.

  3. sir this only look like as we have a infinite time of one year to do a final year project, but actually we are not only going to do a FYP but we also have to study other tough courses of two semesters along with FYP, and its very tough job to tackle all these things at a time.


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