Thursday, July 29, 2010

Go Green Pakistan - The PowerPoint Way

Go Green Pakistan is a  Pakistani campaign on social media networks over the Internet whose purpose was to change the display pictures of every Pakistani and the people who are friends of Pakistan to a green image. People across the planet send them their images and the team at Go Green Pakistan edits those images manually and puts a green background with Pakistan's flag behind the faces.

I can not photoshop images and at the moment I do not have a photoshop setup with me. So, I tried to turn pictures green in my own way using only Microsoft PowerPoint. I googled to grab few green images and after few attempts I was able to produce photos some of you may think are impossible to do with a simple tool like  PowerPoint. But Microsoft Office is amazing powers.  Last time it amazed me when I was able to produce a departmental newsletter using Microsoft Word  2007 only. 

The first image is of Dr. Saquib Sarfraz, my mentor. I had to dig through 900 images of DICE 2009 to find an image in which he could exclusively be located with minimal clutter in background. I mixed his photo with three green images.  Adjusted brightness, contrast, added some effects and got something to share with you. 

Here's the same snap with a little variation.

Below is the results of experiment on one of my own photos.


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