Sunday, June 6, 2010

What do you know about Bottled Water?

What do you know about Bottled Water?: "

Many countries including United States spend billions of dollars on bottled water though perfectly clean tap water is readily available at much cheaper cost.  Instead of working out ways to improve the tap water cleaning processing, these countries have started becoming dependent on Bottled water plants.  Below infographics created by Online Education provides a quick comparison between Bottled water and tap water along with its consequences.  Check it out:

The Facts About Bottled Water

Let us know your views about this.  And if possible, try to reduce your bottled water consumption.  However, if you can’t reduce that consumption, then at least make it a point to recycle those bottles.

[via The Fact about Bottled Water]

What do you know about Bottled Water?
Originally published at Knowliz by Anurag Bansal.

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