Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Murgha Position: Crime and Punishment During Phet

Murgha Position: Crime and Punishment During Phet: "

Sehar Tariq

This is, what is called the “Murgha position” in Pakistan.A way to punish someone - often young students in school - for minor infractions. But this particular story of crime and punishment in Pakistan is slightly more novel.

In anticipation of cyclone Phet, the government barred people from going into the Arabian Sea. One daredevil rickshaw wallah paid no heed to this warning and decided to use the unusually quiet beach and

boisterous waves to wash his rickshaw.

But his crime did not go unnoticed by the vigilant Pakistan police. The offender was caught and duly punished albeit in a rather creative way. But I guess there really aren’t any laws on the books about punishments for rickshaw washing in the sea when a cyclone approacheth!

This picture has been doing rounds on the internet and I don’t have a way to validate its authenticity or timing. But it does give us some food for thought. And since yesterday, I have been thinking whether to be appalled, amused or appreciative of the vigiliance and creativity of this police officer!

What do you think?


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