Friday, November 6, 2009

Start a Blog ... What to Write About ???

As I start to write my first blog I just have cluttered ideas and vague notions about my posts.

My interests vary a lot in the generic circle of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

These days I am sandwiched between a hell lot of choices.

I am teaching Computer Networks and conducting CCNA classes.... this simply means life will revolve around networks and teaching Networking. But this is stuff I never imagined to be so involved with .. even at at the beginning of this year.

Again I am getting closer and closer to start some literature review in Computer Vision but something is still hampering me and I have little if any progress.

I loved to work with FPGAs around a year ago but the teaching engagements prevented me from playing with them. I hope I will return to them around the start of next year.

As I am tempted a lot to finish this writing abruptly , all I can say at the moment is that I will try to write about life in general and about computer networks.

I do not hope to have much audience except some close friends and may be some students.

I will normally write just for sake of writing.

I start with the hope that things will get clearer as I proceed.

As friends and colleagues comment and send feedback, I hope this blog will develop into useful spot for sharing ideas and info of our common interest.

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